Essentially, Veterans Day is all about an annual commemoration in memory of the dedication and commitment of all American military. Yet its definition doesn’t just end there. In fact, for Americans, this great day is set aside as one of the very important public holidays ever celebrated all over the country.  And the holiday is not just a mere occasion that comes and goes like any minor celebration.

To say the least, its relevance and importance are rooted in America and the World’s rich history. And this importance is manifested not just in the parades and moments of observance but in many other ways. Being an annual observance day set aside to pay tribute to all veterans of America, it’s obviously a tremendous day.

Therefore, the beauty of Veterans Day goes beyond what we can outwardly observe. Important to mention, the coincidence of the World War I ending gives Veterans Day a sense of great historical significance. Consequently, its implication is worldwide, leave alone the US considering its “new down” connotation.

What is Veterans Day and Why do We Celebrate It? A Detailed Overview of Veterans Day:

What is Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is a day to honor the men and women who have served, and are serving, in the United States Military.

  • Veterans Day is observed on November 11 each year. It’s a day where we recognize and honor the service of those who have served in the armed forces. It’s a day we take to remember those who have served and to thank them for their service.
  • On Veterans Day we also take a moment to reflect on the meaning of Veterans Day and the commitment and sacrifice of those who have served and those who continue to serve our country.
  • Veterans Day is a day we set aside to honor those who have served, those who are currently serving, and those who will serve in the

Veterans Day Celebration

Apparently, you’ve already had an opportunity to converse with Americans to celebrate Veterans Day. Generally, celebrating this infamous day takes place in many ways and in many forms.   Primarily, US citizens honor their veterans all across the country, whether alive or dead. With parades together with ceremonial church services coupled with special assemblies, both living and dead veterans are remembered. Of course, the heroism spirit is dedicated with one accord to all the soldiers through observing moments of silence.

Family and institutional celebrations too become the domineering order of the day on the eve of Veterans Day. This way, Americans recognize how their military worked passionately to defend them and preserve the sovereignty of their country. Great still, the men and women presently in the military receive praises to shove their efforts at work. Now, have you ever known what an opportunity to celebrate Veterans Day brings you? You wouldn’t want to miss out on this great occasion.

Notably, the day is accompanied by foods, discounts, crafts, presents, and so forth. To add to this, if you are creative enough you can have many more ways of appreciating the works of the esteemed military of the US. You can’t miss something good for your beloved one, whether adults or kids.  Best of all, it isn’t anything nothing isn’t anything expensive making all those close to you feel the fullness of the occasion.

When is Veterans Day?

Americans converge in different places to celebrate Veterans Day on November 11 every year. The day is set out to commemorate November 11. Over time, this celebration has undergone tremendous changes which are worth mentioning. Initially, Nov 11 was the first anniversary of the ending of the dreadful World War I, hence the first celebration.

Later on, Congress passed the law to observe this date annually from 1926. Although it was initially recognized as Armistice Day, President Dwight D. Eisenhower officially renamed it Veterans Day. Thereafter, there occurred some significant alterations on the exact day to celebrate this day in the US. However, President Gerald Ford in 1975 reinstated the date to Nov 11 based on its historical significance.

In addition to the US, countries such as Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and France also celebrate this historical day. Whereas in Canada is called Remembrance Day, Britain calls it Remembrance Sunday. In the case of Britain, the celebration is usually held on the second Sunday of November. Meanwhile, the nature of the celebrations differs across countries and continents. For instance, Great Britain, Europe, and Commonwealth countries observe two minutes of silence every November 11.

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day?

On this occasion to commemorate the soldiers of your country and their dedication, the main reason is obviously to honor their work. However, consider that the day appeals differently to different people all over the country. For this reason, celebrating the military is one collective reason whereas everyone else may have subordinate reasons to celebrate Veterans Day.

Before you celebrate this forthcoming Veterans Day, you ought to be clear and categorical on what you want to achieve. First, are you going to feel the spirit of your countrymen by joining them in the celebrations wherever in the country? Again, are you going to make yourself and your family happy on that day? And lastly, you have to plan to stand out in style as you enjoy this day to the fullest. Basically, these are the reasons why we celebrate Veterans Day.

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Veterans Day facts

The history of Veterans Day is complex just as it has passed through a series of amendments over decades. Whereas the day was initially recognized by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919, the first formal Veterans Day came later. The first national holiday ever to celebrate this Day took place in 1947. In 1954, Armistice Day was legally changed to become Veterans Day.

Interestingly, World War I officially ended at the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11the month of 1918. Did you know that Veteran’s Day originally honored soldiers who died and ignored the living ones? That is why the name was changed in 1945.

 Raymond Weeks is the man who led the celebration of Veterans from 1947 to 1985, hence the longest-serving. In terms of gender, women Veterans aren’t left behind. At least, 8.1 percent of American Veterans are women. Do you remember the Vietnam War? Approximately 35% of the living soldiers served in that war. Lastly, the income of men and women who served the US military supersedes those who haven’t served in the military.

Veterans Day events near me

As Veterans Day approaches, you certainly do not want to be left out. The best thing is that at least, there’s going to be an event near you. And whatever you’re going to do on that day depends on your preferences. For instance, you might choose to join the parades, assemble for the tributes, or any other ceremony in your nearest town.

Apparently, the ceremonies will take place differently in different places. As early as Nov 9, major towns will already be giving honor to veterans. Here is a list of towns and the dates they will celebrate Veterans Day. Read on and point out where you will be joining parades, tributes, and other celebrations.

Town and Event VenueDate and Time
Gilbert Veterans Day CeremonyGilbert Civic Center, 50 E. Civic Center DriveNov 9 from 11.00 a.m.
Scottsdale Veterans Day CommemorationMcCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, 7301 E. Indian Bend Road.Nov 10 from 3 p.m. 
Tempe Veterans Day Parade Starts at ASU Gammage, 1200 S. Forest Avenue.Nov 10 from 10 a.m.
Phoenix Veterans Day Parade Starts at Central and MontebelloNov 11 from 11 a.m.
East Valley Veterans Day Parade Starts at University Drive and Center StreetNov 11 from 11 a.m.
Surprise Veterans Day ParadeSurprise Recreation Campus, 15960 N. Bullard AveNov 11 from 9.30 a.m.
Goodyear Veterans Day Barbecue and TributeGoodyear Ballpark, 1933  S. Ballpark Way. Nov 11 from 2 p.m. (barbeque) and 3 p.m. (tribute)
Anthem Veterans Day MemorialAnthem Veterans Memorial.Nov 11 at 10 a.m.
Glendale Veterans Day Ceremony Glendale Public Library’s auditorium, 5959 W. Brown Street.Nov 11 at 9 a.m.
Veterans Day Gourd DanceThe Arizona Territory Gourd Society and Pueblo Grand Museum Nov 11 at 11 a.m.
Veterans Events in different towns

Veterans Day Gift Ideas

Are you having a hard time deciding the best way to celebrate Veterans Day? Apart from getting the best gifts for your beloved Veterans this year, here are other ideas. A Paratrooper Poptop is another gift that communicates patriotism.  Bottle openers have become prevalent these days. Consequently, you can get a bottle breacher and have the best out of your event.

There is a range of gift ideas with which you can impress your esteemed veterans. Thank you buttons are available in different designs, most commonly, you can have one designed with a US flag. Then you inscribe Thank you message or any other of your choice including a custom slatted wood flag.

The other gift ideas we have for you include the original whiskey bullet and to chill your drink without diluti8ng it. Amazingly, the inventors of the Bolt-Action pen receive credit for this stunning gift. It perfectly rhymes with our soldiers. If you’re creative enough, you won’t miss out on a gift idea, including of course the incredible pillow fight weapons.

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Veterans Day for Kids

Children can join adults and make the whole celebration a day of fun. Chiefly, the best way to accomplish this day if you have kids is to have a fun project for them. In effect, this begins by teaching them about the essence of Veterans Day early enough.

Consequently, your kid will be able to perform something, be it reciting a poem or singing.  It’s at this point that you can impress your kids and impress yourself at once.  All you need is creativity. There are as many ideas to enrich your kids’ Veterans Day as you can ever imagine. With this in mind, you might want to consider some great ideas to make Veterans Day for your kids a success.

Uniquely, ensure you do everything with your kids; reading, attending a function or parade, presenting a gift, and so forth. In everything, make sure you give them resources for exploration bearing in mind that children are active investigators. Point worth remembering, ensure you explain everything to your kids.

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Veterans Day quotes/speech

Speeches and quotes to express gratitude to our veterans are intended to express our inner appreciation for their dedication. However, you don’t have to go on with what has been said by others in the manner they were. If you want to locate a quote for your beloved Veteran, simply be creative.

You can take a collection of quotes and from them, come up with others of your own. In so doing, ensure you are communicating a genuine message. Additionally, let your quote be relevant to the relationship you have with your veteran. For instance, thank your husband in a romantic way, and let your kid express absolute gratitude, appreciation, and respect.

How to thank a Veteran with words

You’ll commonly hear people saying that no words can express the gratitude they have towards their veterans. While this may be true, words of gratitude can transform whichever pain our veterans have undergone into joy. There are two ways to say words of gratitude to our veterans.

First and most commonly, you can simply express your message to them by word of mouth. Whereas this can be formally at the venue of the celebration, sometimes it also means a lot saying it informally. The two basic words you should never leave out are “thank you”. These are simple words but carry a lot of weight in meaning. Try it out and see how exalted our soldiers feel.

Additionally, you can pass your “thank you message to the veterans through written text messages”. In this scenario, simply send your closest veteran a phone SMS, email, or even a hangout message with genuine words. For instance, a statement may read; “My family and I wish you a happy life as you purpose to serve our country. Sincerely, we appreciate your long-term dedication. Thank You. We value you”

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Veterans Day Meals

Prior to the actual celebration of Veterans Day on the 11th day of November, Veterans will have a range of meal selections. In respect to this day, hotels, restaurants, and national parks will offer free meals to Veterans across the country. Alternatively, restaurants will be offering discounts to the members of the military.

 There will be a wide range of meals right from fries to wings, and drinks of all sorts. All-day long and night, depending on where you will be, restaurants will provide breakfast, lunch, and other meals. All that you’ll be required to do is to produce a valid military ID.

Veterans Day crafts

Have you thought over the best form of craft you can accord your closest man in the military as an appreciation? This 2018, we have the best simple craft ideas for you and your kid to fill the day with fun. Veterans Day Wreath is among the best crafts to use as gifts. You can alternatively hang them on your door.

You can as well cut and then paste a papercraft to make a bald eagle for fun. To make it even simpler, you can also make a bird theme using a basic egg shape. Stick flag craft is another suggestion to enrich your kid’s veteran’s celebration. For adults, a simple “thank you”. In a nutshell, Veterans Day is a great event and you should never miss out on a craft for your beloved one. And if you do it for you and your kid, all that awaits you are good moments and enjoyment.

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In a nutshell, Veterans Day is a significant celebration in the history and life of America as a whole. At least, everyone has an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the great work and dedication of America’s military. Celebrated on the 11th day of November annually, this public holiday is an opportunity for many social events. Yours is to choose a celebration in which to belong. If it is not attending parades, it should be visiting and appreciating to a member of the US military in some way. If you have kids around, do not leave them out. They simply make the whole event marvelous aside from filling it with fun.