Holidays are essentially about spending time with the closest ones, helping less fortunate ones, and so forth. Ultimately, you want to derive pleasure from everything you do. The point here is that you do what has the best means and ends, and avoid whatever is negative. To achieve this, you need to be aware of these 12 major mistakes you might be made during the holidays.

What are some of the most common mistakes people make during the holidays?

1. Forgetting to attend promptly to Invitations

In a country such as the US, you will receive invitations to attend different holidays. Often, you will receive multiple invitations at ago. In any case, responding or replying to whichever invitations you get is crucial to the success of the holiday. Therefore, whether it’s a Christmas gift exchange or thanksgiving dinner, sending back the RSVP changes the shape of the celebration. Besides, your response will aid your host in planning for the occasion.

Responding to the invitations doesn’t necessarily imply confirming your attendance. Sometimes, you might simply respond with a humble “sorry I won’t make it”.  This way, you can free up the space for someone else. In other words, responding promptly to invitations facilitates the planning process and makes the event smooth.

2. Spilling the Beans

Secrecy is a pertinent consideration when it comes to celebrations of all kinds. This implies to all celebrations, especially those which will bring your kids and other kids together. Essentially, you need to chat with your kids about what to reveal and what not to. Of course, you won’t be guarding your kids throughout the season of celebration.

What you essentially need is to regulate what they speak out as they interact with others. Certainly, you will enjoy everything except disappointments that arise from spilling the beans. For this reason, the only solution is assuring clarity on what to say and what not to say in a gathering.

3. Dressing Inappropriately

The dressing is one way of communicating your attitude and the mood of the occasion.  At least your dressing has to match the nature of the ceremony and the meaning behind it. Apart from the style and form of dressing, the choice of color also matters a great deal. For this reason, it is basic that you plan and choose what to wear, right from hairstyle to clothing.

Again, what determines everything is proper communication. In essence, you need to inquire if you aren’t sure of what to wear. Additionally, locating some articles about appropriate dressing during different events would do you good.

4. Regifting to the original gift-giver

Gift giving is at the heart of every celebration, especially in the US. Whereas there is no problem with planning to regift thoughtfully, what matters is who the recipient is. Before dropping any gift into the regifting box, be sure to label it appropriately. Most importantly, the gift should be relevant to the recipient. In a way, children do not expect the same gifts as adults.

Anyway, the problem arises when the gift you give evokes negative feelings in your recipient. Correspondingly, if you receive a feeling that will hurt your moods, try not to let it out. However, make a note so that it does not reoccur in the future.

5. Being Absent

They say “absence diminishes mediocre passions and enkindles greater ones.” However, this is not the case with holidays in the US. Nothing gives greater joy than seeing your guest or visitor arrive. By far, your presence might not equate to texting, however much exciting your message might be.

To be relevant, whenever you receive an invitation, try and attend physically. Alternatively, you may send a family member or friend to represent you if just can’t make it. In truth, what matters is the extent to which you manifest your concern and care.

6. Telling inappropriate jokes and stories

Most often, telling stories to keep the event lively is what people do. In so doing, they forget that members of the gathering have diverse interests and personalities. It is therefore advisable that you only tell stories that will not hurt your friends and those close to you. To be precise, better to be silent than to tell stories or make jokes that will auger negatively with others.

On the other side of it, you aren’t under any siege as far as jokes and storytelling are concerned. The bottom line however is, to make fun without denying others a chance to enjoy. Last but not least, think before you speak and understand the people in your gathering.

7. Complicating the holiday

Whether you’re attending or hosting an elaborate sit-down Christmas dinner or simply hand-making, keep simple. Do not worry about what each and every person expects of you. Otherwise, you may run crazy for attempting to make the absurd normal. At the same time, remaining yourself saves you from unnecessarily overspending your time, energy, and resources.  

Technically, focus on what will bring long-lasting positive impact rather than the nitty-gritty details to be forgotten in a matter of weeks. Again, focus more on the people you love and care for, as well as those who love and care for you. With this in mind, your creativity in making the whole occasion a success matters a great deal.

8. Critiquing the food

Whether you’re formerly attending a long-awaited dinner party with friends, or simply enjoying a potluck with beloved ones, be positive. Unluckily, any negative thoughts about food might end up ruining the mood of the occasion without helping you. Ultimately, of course, you might ruin the supposed good company, which you certainly don’t want to.

9. Overspending

Think of an ideal Christmas or Veterans holiday or indeed any other holiday. The kind of euphoria that comes with the onset of the event might land you into overspending without your knowledge. Different people come with different expectations and you’d also not like to leave the test of adventure unexplored.

Lastly, you ought to remember that temptations are real and most of them will drag you into overspending. In whichever situation, be cautious not to get into unnecessary debts that will cause unexpected inconveniences afterward. To achieve this, plan in advance by writing a shopping list and abide by it from the beginning to the end.

10. Expecting too much

Over-expectations on the eve of Christmas or any other event may disapprove you when things fail to turn out in your favor. Of course, your friends and family will have something to bring you. Similarly, you will have something to give them. If you keep it cool, no problem. However, the problem arises when you begin to expect things you can’t just receive.

For this reason, try to relax and let anything happen, as long as it’s human. If they bring you gifts, receive them. If they don’t, appreciate it. It will save you from unwanted stress. Most likely, things will end up turning out better than you expected.

Christmas Traditions

11. Being a Mistletoe Maniac

Most people being in smooching the person next to them while standing beneath the mistletoe. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean walking around with the hopes of kissing everyone. Sometimes, simply ignore, until you encounter someone very clear they are ready to be kissed.

Otherwise, if someone tries as much as to steal a kiss using mistletoe, you’d simply consider taking a step back. This way, you make it clear that you aren’t interested. At your best, don’t be mean. But as a matter of fact, simply say it with a warm smile.

12. Stressing out

As a holiday enthusiast, you might have encountered the dark side of it, which often causes stress when the holiday approaches. Whether you are worried about going for a huge shopping or commotion, all these can end by reversing the approach. You can decide to invite them and let everyone bring a meal to share. In an actual sense, you’ll get relieved by only preparing the main meal. 

On the other hand, if the problem is anxiety, seek the counsel of your conscience? Try to avoid whatever might be causing that anxiety by simply being positive and assertive. Have much of what is enjoyable and avoid the negatives during the holiday.

Wrapping up, Now that you’re clear about what holidays might bring about in terms of inconveniences, it’s time to have a plan. It’s also time to learn from the mistakes. Regardless of whatever blunder you once committed, you can revive the whole story again. Take your time with family and share about likes and dislikes while being considerate about everything else. Otherwise, if you fail to plan, you’re technically planning to fail because there will be no one to apologize to.