Christmas is almost here! The holidays are a time to reflect on the past year, look forward to the new year, and give thanks for all that you have.

For many, the most pleasant time of the year is Christmas. A time where families come together, friends come together, and everyone gets to enjoy the holiday. We have decided to compile a list of interesting top ten facts about Christmas in one place, so we can share them with everyone.

What is Christmas Day?

Christmas Day is among the major festive celebrations observed by Christians across the world. It has a rich history and apparently, one of the earliest ever celebrations to be observed by a civilized man. To point out, Christmas is a whole season in which Christians observe the birth of Christ. Surprisingly enough, even non-Christians celebrate this festive occasion.

Celebration of Christmas involves giving presents and gifts, dinner feasting, travels, and a beehive of other activities. The celebration comes on the 25th day of December every year in all parts of the world. Actually, there is much controversy as to the exact date of the birth of Christ and thus, when Christians should celebrate it. Once again, the celebration of Christmas is justified in the bible, hence regarded as a universal public holiday all over the world.

Top 10 Facts About Christmas

Everyone asks, what are 10 facts about Christmas? It’s tough to give the answer to this question. There are thousands of fun facts about Christmas Day in the world. There is a shortlist of 10 facts about Xmas:

  • Fact 1: Christmas wasn’t on December 25
  • Fact 2: Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity. It is celebrated for a period of 12 days according to the Gregorian calendar with the 25th of December being the primary date.
  • Fact 3: The Christmas tree was first used in Germany in the 16th century. Martin Luther, the German reformer, is credited with the introduction of the Christmas tree.
  • Fact 4: Xmas is an abbreviated form of Christmas.
  • Fact 5: Santa Claus, known as Saint Nicholas or Father Christmas, is a legendary figure originating from Bari, Italy. Most famously depicted as a portly, bearded man who wears red and white. In Dutch, Santa is known as Sinterklaas.
  • Fact 6: Christmas cards have been a tradition since the mid-19th century. They have been a way for people to share their feelings with friends and family during the holiday.
  • Fact 7: The average American spends an estimated $850 on Christmas gifts each year.
  • Fact 8: The largest, single Christmas gift in America is the Statue of Liberty. That was gifted by the people of France.
  • Fact 9: The first Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center was 69 to 100 feet tall Norway spruce from a New Jersey Forest. It is an American national tradition each year since 1933.
  • Fact 10: A Christmas stocking is a decorative stocking, usually red and white in color, that is filled with small gifts and hung from a mantelpiece. Father Christmas often leaves gifts in children’s Christmas stockings.

What are Some Historical Facts About Christmas?

Christmas History

Christmas day celebration has a very rich history and is one of the oldest ever celebrated events by humankind. Its history dates back as early as 336 when the first Christians celebrated the birth of Christ in Rome. It was during this time that Roman Emperor Constantine ruled over Rome. Pope Julius, I later declared the 25th of December as a day of celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Although it is a universal holiday, controversy still exists over the exactness of the origin of Christmas. Popularly, customs associated with the Christmas celebration emerged independently of the commemoration of the birth of Jesus. In fact, some elements of such customs originated from pre-Christian festivals. Such festivals are believed to have been celebrated by pagans around the winter solstice. Later in the time, of course, the pagans converted to Christianity and advanced with the celebration as Christmas.

The aspect of gift-giving is connected to the Wiseman who brought gifts of Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh to baby Jesus. However, modern Christians give to signify the love that Jesus Christ preached about.

Why do Christian celebrate Christmas?

Chiefly, Christians celebrate Christmas as an observance of the birth of Christ. However, given that non-Christians also celebrate it reminds us that there is much into this celebration than just Christ’s birth. Nevertheless, Christ is the unifying factor that makes people celebrate Christmas.

Holistically, the birth of Jesus came as good news, and this became evident when the angels visited Mary. Again, the Angel indicated that Jesus would be a savior and thus his birth would be a source of great joy. Apparently, this is why the Christmas celebration is associated with great joy. For Christians therefore, the celebration begins earlier to signify the preparations that preceded the birth of Christ. Biblically, the Jews had to prepare to receive Jesus Christ.

What is open on Christmas Day

Christmas holiday is a public holiday, it means that offices and businesses are expected to close, and people are allowed to celebrate. But remember it brings an opportunity to shop, give presents and gifts, and feast together. For this reason, most stores are open on this day. It isn’t a punishment to the workers but in their large-scale selling, they also feel the ambiance and mood of Christmas.

Not to forget, restaurants and hotels are also open on Christmas day to accommodate not just visitors but for locals as well. Explicitly, it is a time of increased business activities for a number of businesses. Whereas a few Starbucks are closed on this day, many are usually open and experience customer inflow at their peak.

What of sears locations? Of course, searing is a chief adventure for enthusiasts. They are open to accommodate those who call in at any time, although a few selected areas close by dusk. Nevertheless, it all depends on the frequency and inflow of customers. In a nutshell, therefore, restaurants, shopping stores, Starbucks, and sears are often open for customers on Christian eve.

What to do on Christmas day

There are many things you can do to mark this great day that carries multiple meanings. Whereas some things are symbolic such as erecting a Christmas tree, others are simply a way of having fun. Definitely, you can’t miss out on what to do on Christmas day. Aside from erecting a Christmas tree, visiting friends and relatives and feasting together is also symbolic of the birth of Christ. In the same way, it is a great source of joy and fun.

Another approach you wouldn’t definitely want to forget about is the decoration of your home. It signifies the beginning of a new course of life. In essence, the birth of Christ brings a new feeling and sense of being, just as it. I depicted in the bible. And if you have kids around, the joy of painting and decorating automatically rise to a totally new and different level. Do not forget to go to church on the day of Christmas. Not only does it signify appreciation for the baby Christ but also means much more to Christians.

Afterward, going shopping and feasting places would mean a lot to your beloved ones. Essentially, there is so much you can do on a Christmas day, including exchanging stories about Jesus. Certainly, it all depends on your preferences and interests. You can choose to do any of the above and in whichever, be sure to have fun to your maximum best.

American Christmas traditions

Having known what Christmas as a celebration entails let us now narrow it down to what it is in the US. Like any other major celebration, there are many traditions with which Christmas celebration in the US is associated. Although Christmas traditions have changed over time in the US as a result of the stretch of time, it remains an important holiday. People do not formally attend office work and most businesses and schools are also closed on that day.

Important to mention, Christmas celebration in the US is a combination of traditional and Christian customs. One major dominating aspect of Christmas traditions in the US is the decoration of houses and gardens. Correspondingly, the majority of Americans use colorful lights and flowers for decorations. Additionally, people prepare special meals, especially turkey and the feasting session is coupled with the session of exchanging gifts.

Most specifically, children receive many gifts from their closest relatives and parents. In fact, this event has undergone commercialization in recent past decades. Therefore, Christmas I a time of huge spending amongst families whereas businesses make immense sums of profit.

Christmas Decorations Ideas

Prior to the actual Christmas celebrations, you have to prepare and set everything forth, ready for the celebration. As a tradition, decorations need to feature the beauty of the occasion and thus the choice of color is very crucial. Essentially Christmas decorations feature both indoor and outdoor decorations, which you all ought to consider.

To begin with, you will require layers of linen to hide the base of your Christmas tree. This makes it more stylish and for other purposes too. Alternatively, you can hang pine branches in your house if you don’t have sufficient room for a Christmas tree. Again, draping some pine garlands all around your room makes it marvelous.

In addition to the trees and pine garlands, you can hang up a few tinsel garlands above your windows. Alternatively, hanging them around your ceilings also works great. If you are conscious of the kind of scent you need, you ought to be selective when you’re purchasing from the market. In whichever way you decorate your home, also consider sophisticating with the great lights of your choice.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Definitely, you aren’t prepared to miss out on the fun in the fast-approaching Christmas. The basis of your joy on the day of Christmas is finding a gift you will consider perfect for someone. Just as Christmas is symbolic in many ways, so are endless gifts for you. And most of these gifts won’t cost you so much.

To begin with, a range of gifts are available all over the stores across the country for men, ladies, and children. So long as you are caring, you won’t miss stylish apparel and flowers. Talk of foodstuff, Christmas cakes, and other delicacies are the best you can pack for someone on the eve of Christmas.

Also, a range of electronic gadgets including the latest smartphones are also available in many electronic shops across the country. Of course, children are not left behind in terms of gift-giving. They too enjoy giving and enjoying gifts.  As a caring adult, find the best toys for kids in the best shops near you and fulfill your child’s cravings.

Christmas Recipes

Your choice of Christmas recipes will entirely depend on your taste and preferences. However, there are universal recipes for Americans which apparently you wouldn’t want to leave out of your Christmas menu. Of course, turkey is one on the top of the list. If you’re good at preparing it, you can easily turn your backyard into a great destination for family and visitors.

We are also familiar with salt-roasted beef prime ribs as one of the popular recipes for Americans. Why not join the countrymen in the festival feasting that goes a long way to include baked ham? In simple terms, the list also includes Christmas cakes, chunk Hughes, and so forth. Meanwhile, the list is endless. Browse through the options available and have it either at home in your backyard or in the restaurant.

Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings Card

Christmas greetings basically feature best wishes, and you can either convey such greetings verbally or in writing. Verbal Christian greetings often have the phrase “Merry Christmas”. However, this is not any limitation at all. You can as well be creative and pass your Christmas in any other given way. For instance, “May you and your family experience happiness”.

Alternatively, you can use Christmas cards with short and simple but catching messages for your dear ones. Christmas cards are indifferent to verbal messages. For instance, “Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” is a typical text. Sometimes, you can decide to move beyond the ordinary and simply write, “Peace, Love, and Joy be with you and you.”

To sum up, Christmas messages are not limited to any specific statement. It largely depends on your recipient. Importantly, you should recognize the level of the recipient and have a relevant message for them. For instance, a child’s message is different from an adult’s message. At least, let them see the meaning in your message.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Facts

What is Christmas best known for?

Christmas is best known for its religious significance. It is also best known for the Christmas tree. Christmas marks the beginning of the twelve-day Christmas season, an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christianity celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

Who invented Xmas?

The Roman Emperor Constantine invented the first Xmas on the date of Empire in 336.

Is Xmas a bad word?

Xmas is a common abbreviation for Christmas and is not a bad word.

How old is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus was born between 260 and 280 A.D. So, as of 2021, Santa Claus is 1,750 years old.

Which country has Christmas first?

Christmas is first celebrated in Rome on December 25, AD 336.

What are fun facts about Christmas?

A fun fact about Christmas is that there are no Christmas trees in the Bible. Another fun fact about Christmas is that Christmas is not mentioned in the Bible. Christmas is not celebrated in the Bible.

What is Santa’s real name?

Santa’s real name is Saint Nicholas.

To sum up, Christmas day is a significant celebration in many areas including Christianity and secular contexts. Its history is rich and multidimensional, thus open for discussions. However, the basic idea is that it entails the celebration of the birth of Christ. Like any other public holiday, most businesses schools, and institutions close on Christmas day, although some businesses remain open. As Christmas day draws nearer, you ought to prepare for many things including decoration, meals, gift-giving, and fun in general. Most importantly, ensure you celebrate it in the best way possible, bearing in mind the significance of its meaning.