What do people think of when they think of a car? If they’re like most people, they think of the color of their car. So, what does that color mean? Well, based on the most recent vehicle sales data from the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA), here’s a list of America’s most popular car colors.

List of the Top 10 Most Popular Car Colors in America

Everyone has a car. So, when we look at the US auto market, we see a lot of cars, and we see a lot of colors. You can see this in the photo below, which shows the top 10 most popular car colors in America.

1. White

Percentage Share: 23.9%

White BMW Car
White BMW Car

2. Black

Percentage Share: 23.2%

Black car
Black color car

3. Gray

Percentage Share: 15.5%

Gray Mercedes-benz
Gray color Mercedes Benz car

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4. Silver

Percentage Share: 14.5%

Silver Color Car
Silver Color Car (Credit: Xnatedawgx)

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5. Red

Percentage Share: 10.3%

Red color car
Red color car

6. Blue

Percentage Share: 9.0%

Blue color car
Blue color car

7. Brown

Percentage Share: 1.4%

8. Green

Percentage Share: 0.7%

Green Color Porsche Car
Green Color Porsche Car

9. Beige

Percentage Share: 0.4%

Beige color car
Beige color car (Credit: motor1)

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10. Orange

Percentage Share: 0.4%

Orange color car
Orange color car

We have mentioned the 10 most popular car colors in America. There are three more popular car colors that you can’t avoid.

11. Gold

Percentage Share: 0.3%

12. Yellow

Percentage Share: 0.2%

13. Purple

Percentage Share: 0.1%

Is a black car hotter than a white car?

A black car absorbs more solar radiation than a white car. The color of the car affects its ability to reflect infrared light. Black or dark-colored cars absorb light better than lighter-colored cars. Since dark-colored cars absorb more light than lighter-colored cars, they get hotter than lighter-colored cars.

If a black car’s interior measured 130 degrees Fahrenheit, at the same time the white car’s interior will be 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Most Popular Car Colors:

What color of car is most popular?

In surveys, white has been shown as the most popular color of the car. In the United States, the most popular color of the car is grey and white. Green is the most popular color in Northern Ireland.

What are the top 10 car Colours?

The top 10 car colors are Grey, Black, White, Blue, Red, Silver, Orange, Green, Bronze, and Yellow.

What color car looks most expensive?

Red color cars are perceived to be the most expensive color of cars. It is adding worth an extra $338 to your budget.

What’s the most popular car color for 2021?

The most popular color for cars in 2021 is Dark Seltzer. Based on the popularity data, the top three most popular car colors for 2021 are Dark Seltzer (a dark gray color), Redolent Red (a reddish-brown color), and Abstraction Blue (a darker blue color).

What is the ugliest car color?

The world’s ugliest car colors are Pea Green, Pale Yellow, and Washed-Out Pink.

Which car color is safest?

According to a report from Car and Driver, “White, red, yellow and green have the lowest frequency of accidents.” The white color car is safest. Though, the color of a car isn’t a good indicator of how it performs in a crash.

What color car is best?

Car color is one of the many individual choices you will make when purchasing a new vehicle. While some color trends may be on the horizon. From private vehicles to fleet vehicles, the basic colors that vehicles are painted include black, white, silver, and grey. But the white color car is the best.

What color car gets pulled over the most 2020?

Black cars are the most searched car color in 2020, however white is the most ticketed car color. The white color car was get pulled over the most in 2020.

In summary, we may be able to improve our choice of car color by using the popularity of colors. For example, silver is not that pricey and has a wide range of shades, so it would be worth considering. The popularity of car color can be attributed to multiple factors. Aesthetics, comfort, and brand recognition are the main reasons behind the popularity of these colors. However, trends and trends in the automobile industry may also play a vital role in affecting the popularity of car colors.