When it comes to speed, nothing beats a fish in the Ocean. The fastest fishes are the most fascinating animals of all, and you’ll find plenty of them in the ocean. Fish are usually one of the fastest creatures on the planet. Speed is obviously a very important quality for these animals to have, but they go far beyond that.

They are also very smart creatures. They use their eyes and are able to detect objects and colors in blind spots. They also have the ability to see and move at the same time.

In the ocean are many things that can be described as “fast”. However, it’s hard to know exactly which creatures are the fastest in the oceans. The fastest fish in the ocean is best known as the Bluefin Tuna. However, the Bluefin Tuna might not be the fastest fish. There are many other fish that are faster than the Bluefin Tuna. Here is a list of the Top 10 Fastest Fish in the Ocean we added in this article.

Top 10 Most Fastest Fish in the World Ocean

1. Sailfish: Swimming speed 130 km/h (78 mph)

The Sailfish may be one of the fastest fish in the ocean, but that doesn’t mean it’s the easiest to catch. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult fish to hunt, since it’s so elusive and doesn’t frequent the same places as other fish. It’s an incredibly fast swimmer that can reach speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour. If you really want to take a shot at catching one, you have to be ready to chase it—and that means getting in the water and learning to spot it.

  • Scientific name: Istiophorus
  • Highest length: 3 m (9.8 feet)
  • Inhabited region: Atlantic Oceans and the Caribbean Sea

2. Atlantic Blue Marlin: Swimming speed 110 km/h (68 mph)

Atlantic Blue Marlin

The Atlantic Blue Marlin is the fastest fish in the ocean, and not just in terms of speed, but also in terms of age, it was born. It has been known to outrun the fastest land animal, the cheetah.

They are known to migrate along the edges of deep ocean currents, swimming at speeds of up to 110 km/h (68 mph), and are the fish to travel in the Earth’s deep ocean trenches, swimming at depths of over 2,000 feet.

Blue Marlin can grow to around 16.4 feet in length and weigh over 818 kg (1,803 pounds).

  • Scientific name: Makaira Nigricans
  • Highest length: 5 m (16.4 feet)
  • Inhabited region: West Central Atlantic Ocean

3. Swordfish: Swimming speed 100 km/h (60 mph)


There are many different kinds of Fastest Fish in the World. The most distinct category is that of the Swordfish, which is a type of big predatory fish that has been known to swim at speeds of up to 100 km/h (60 mph).

It is a very swift fish, but does not make up for its speed by being large: the Swordfish weighs about 1,430 pounds (650 kg), which is a small amount for this type of fish. Swordfish can swim at depths of over 2,878 m (9,442 feet).

The Swordfish is also a kind of fish that is known for its ability: on the one hand, it can cut through the water with its razor-sharp bill, and on the other, it can glide underwater using a part of its body that looks like a wing.

  • Scientific name: Xiphias Gladius
  • Highest length: 4.55 m (14 feet 11-inch)
  • Inhabited region: Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans

4. Striped Marlin: Swimming speed 81 km/h

Striped Marlin
Credit: Jackiemora01

Right now, there is another fish that is faster than a Wahoo. The Striped Marlin is a fish that is part of the Istiophoridae family that lives in the Indo-Pacific oceans. It is usually found in the coastal waters of Australia, central Mexico.

Striped Marlin is one of the fastest fish in the world. They can run at more than 81 kilometers per hour. The Striped Marlin weighs about 440 pounds (200 kg).

  • Scientific name: Kajikia Audax
  • Highest length: 4.2 m (13.8 feet)
  • Inhabited region: Indo-Pacific Oceans

5. Wahoo: Swimming speed 77 km/h (48 mph)

Credit: Jimmy Marks/Flickr

The Wahoo, a fish that occurs in coastal tropical areas in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian oceans, and occasionally in eastern Australia. The Wahoo is an Acanthocybium. It is a member of the mackerel family, which also includes the Atlantic, Spanish, and the Black Sea mackerels. Generally, they have a silver body, with a dark stripe along their length.

The Acanthocybium Solandri is one of the most fastest fish in the World, and can reach speeds of nearly 77 km/h (48 miles per hour). So fast are the Wahoo that they can beat the fastest shark in the ocean. The Wahoo weighs about 183 pounds (83 kg), and the maximum length is  2.5 m (8 feet 2-inch).

  • Scientific name: Acanthocybium Solandri
  • Highest length: 2.5 m (8 feet 2-inch)
  • Inhabited region: Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans

6. Shortfin Mako Shark: Swimming speed 74 km/h (45 mph)

Shortfin Mako Shark
Credit: NOAA Photo Library/Flickr

Meet the Shortfin Mako Shark, the fastest fish in the world. It is also known as “blue pointer” or “bonito shark” or ‘mako shark”.

This medium-sized shark that grows up to 13 feet long has been known to reach speeds of almost 45 miles per hour in open ocean waters. The weight of a large Mako shark is 1,000 kg (2,200 pounds).

They’re known to feed on smaller fish, but at the same time, they are known to be one of the more aggressive species of shark, and can be very territorial and defensive of their domain.

The Mako Shark can live for over 32 years in females. It can also breathe air, meaning it can live in salt water as well as freshwater. There are several different types of mako, each with its own unique coloration and name.

  • Scientific name: Isurus Oxyrinchus
  • Highest length: 4 m (13 feet)
  • Inhabited region: Western Atlantic, Argentina, Gulf of Mexico, Nova Scotia

7. Flying Fish: Swimming speed more than 70 km/h (43 mph)

Flying Fish
Credit: Mike Prince/Flickr

The enormous flying fish are a group of marine animals that are found in the coastal regions of all of the Oceans. Generally found in the epipelagic zone. They are known by different names such as flying cod, Exocoetidae.

Flying fish are one of the fastest fish in the world ocean. They are found in the deep water of 200 m (656 ft) depth. They can swim over 70 km/h (43 mph), and the maximum length of Flying Fish is 18 inches (45 cm).

  • Scientific name: Exocoetidae
  • Highest length: 18 inches (45 cm)
  • Inhabited region: Epipelagic zone

8. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: Swimming speed 70 km/h (43 mph)

The Atlantic bluefin tuna is a critically endangered species, and earning a place on the IUCN Red List. The Atlantic bluefin is the only other member of its family known to swim in the open ocean, and it’s known for its great speed: it can reach speeds up to 43 miles per hour (70 km/h).

Atlantic bluefin tuna is also known as “Northern Bluefin Tuna” and “Giant Bluefin Tuna”. The maximum length of tuna is 3.7 m (12 feet), and 679 kg (1,497 pounds) weight.

  • Scientific name: Thunnus Thynnus
  • Highest length: 3.7 m (12 feet)
  • Inhabited region: The North Atlantic seas and the Mediterranean Sea

9. Blue Shark: Swimming speed 70 km/h (43 mph)

Blue Shark

The Blue Shark is the largest member of the P. glauca species of shark, a female blue shark growing up to 10.8 feet in length and 401 pounds in weight. At the top of the food chain, they are targeted by almost every predator in the world, including whale sharks and other large fish.

Blue sharks are known for their speed and acrobatic ability, and they’re also known for being the fastest fish in the ocean, capable of reaching speeds up to 43 miles per hour (70 km/h) in a short burst. When it comes to hunting, they’re known for using their speed and agility to confuse prey, but they also have a reputation for being fierce predators.

  • Scientific name: Prionace Glauca
  • Highest length: 3.3 m (10.8 feet)
  • Inhabited region: Deep waters of every continent, except Antarctica

10. Bonefish: Swimming speed 64 km/h (40 mph)

Credit: Nils Rinaldi/Flickr

There are few things in the world as cool as Bonefish. Everything about these fish is not only cool, but unique. Their incredibly long lifespan is one of the best in the animal kingdom. They live for over 20 years.

The Bonefish are the another fastest fish in the ocean, and they live in the shallow inshore of the Sea. They are capable of reaching speeds up to 64 kilometers per hour (40 mph). The maximum weight of bonefish is 14 pounds (6.4 kg).

  • Scientific name: Albula Vulpes
  • Highest length: 79 cm (31 inches)
  • Inhabited region: Western Atlantic, South Florida, Bahamas, and Bermuda

Frequently Asked Questions About Fastest Fish in the Ocean:

Which is the fastest fish in the world?

The Sailfish is the fastest fish in the world. It can swim at speeds up to 78 mph (130 km/h).

What are the four fastest fish in the world?

The Sailfish can swim at speeds of up to 130 km/h. The Swordfish is a close second at 100 km/h. The Wahoo is third with a top speed of 77 km/h, and the fourth fastest fish is the Bluefin Tuna at 70 km/h. These fish are some of the fastest marine animals on the planet, but there are some species that are faster.

What’s the second fastest fish in the ocean?

The second fastest fish in the ocean is the Blue Marlin, reaching speeds of up to 68 mph (110 km/h).

How fast is the fastest saltwater fish?

There are two types of ocean water: saltwater and freshwater. Saltwater is more dense, so it sinks to the bottom and spreads out. On the other hand, freshwater is lighter, so it floats on top of saltwater. This means that freshwater fish are usually faster because they don’t weigh as much. A saltwater fish, Sailfish can swim up to 130 km/h (78 mph).

How fast is fastest fish?

When it comes to the ocean, speed reigns supreme. Not only is it fast, but it also moves water at incredible speeds—some species of fish can swim over 78 miles per hour! Not only do they move fast, but they’re also incredibly agile.

What fish can jump 9 meters?

When it comes to jumping, fishes are definitely the king of the water. But, how far can a fish jump? Mako sharks can jump 9 meters from the surface of the water.

What swims the fastest?

When it comes to swimming, the Sailfish reigns supreme. It is the fastest fish in the Ocean, and has been clocked at over 78 mph (130 km/h).