What are the most epic plays in NBA history? It is common to hear people talk about Michael Jordon’s famous shot that won the game in the finals, or when Kobe Bryant hit a late game-winner against Phoenix. However, not all of these best plays are done with thirty seconds left on the clock. There are some incredible moments in NBA history where players make the most out of their opportunities and make big-time shots or clutch defense to win games.

What makes a good play? For some people, it might be a highlight reel dunk or an electrifying steal. There is no one singular way to define the “best” play in NBA history, as it’s all subjective.

In this article, we are talking about the list of the Top 10 Best Plays in NBA History. To evaluate which plays are worthy of being on this list, we have compiled criteria that we think should be used to determine what the best plays are.

List of the Top 10 NBA Plays All Time in History

The NBA is a vast, diverse place with many talented and skilled players. With so much talent and skill, it can be difficult to compare the skills and capacities of each player and select the best ones. However, we have compiled a list of 10 different plays that we believe are some of the most spectacular in NBA history.

Michael Jordan's famous dunk on Patrick Ewing

1. Michael Jordan’s famous dunk on Patrick Ewing.

2. Julius Erving’s finger roll over George Gervin.

3. Isiah Thomas’ wide-open dunk against the Atlanta Hawks.

4. Michael Jordan’s steal and fast-break dunk against the New York Knicks.

5. Michael Jordan’s fadeaway jumper over the outstretched arm of the Toronto Raptors’ Vince Carter.

6. Kobe Bryant’s dunk on the Seattle SuperSonics’ Shawn Kemp.

7. Michael Jordan’s buzzer-beating shot to beat the Houston Rockets.

8. The Chicago Bulls’ victory over the New York Knicks in the 1995 NBA Finals.

9. Michael Jordan’s two-handed slam against the Toronto Raptors.

10. Kevin Durant’s dunk against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Top 10 NBA Plays of the Year

In this section, we are going to discuss the top 10 plays of the NBA season. These are the best highlight moments from the year. They’re not necessarily in order because it’s hard to call any of them a number one, but they’re all amazing. Let’s get started!

This article is about the top 10 most amazing and memorable moments in the National Basketball Association (NBA) this season. These 10 shocking and awesome feats of athleticism and coordination were captured on video and shared with the world, making them an instant hit on social media. Some of these snaps were done by current NBA players while others were from former players.

Top 10 Plays of the 2020-21 NBA Playoffs
  1. We have seen Los Angeles Lakers’ player Lebron James show off his incredible skills.
  2. Kobe Bryant and Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant have passed Michael Jordan’s record of most 3-pointers in a season.
  3. Houston Rockets’ player John Wall has set a new record for the most rebounds in a single season.
  4. Golden State Warriors’ player Stephen Curry has played a great game and has become the first player to score over 14,000, 3-pointers in the NBA.
  5. Hedo Turkoglu has scored 39 points twice in a single game in April 2007 and March 2008 and has become the oldest player ever to do so.
  6. Dwyane Wade has scored record 20,000 points on 6 January 2019 and he became 3rd player in NBA history.
  7. Los Angeles Lakers’ all-rounder Russell Westbrook has shown his skills and has won the triple-double title. His 184 triple-doubles are the most in NBA history.
  8. Vince Carter and his teammates make a series of consecutive alley-oop dunks.
  9. Tracy McGrady makes a half-court shot to end the first half of the All-Star game.
  10. LeBron James touch down to Coach Erik Spoelstra.

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Top 10 Plays of the Day NBA

Despite the fact that there are so many top plays in the NBA, we’ve narrowed it down to 10 and compiled a list for you. From James Harden’s three-pointer with under two seconds left to Draymond Green’s rebound and layup to seal the game, these are the top ten plays of the day NBA.

In this section, we are talking about the Top 10 Plays of the Day NBA. These plays have been ranked from best to worst based on a specific criterion. Whether it be the magnitude of the dunk or the difficulty of a shot, these plays showcase some of the very best that basketball has to offer. The criterion for these rankings is not arbitrary and was created with a combination of statistics, popularity, and personal preference.

NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night on October 30, 2021
  1. Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City thunder
  2. Russell Westbrook’s amazing buzzer beater
  3. Kyle Lowry’s incredible 3-pointer
  4. LeBron James’ block on Dwight Howard
  5. Double-clutch buzzer beater
  6. Gerald Green’s 4 free throws
  7. Stephen Curry’s amazing shot
  8. LeBron’s amazing dunk
  9. Dwayne Wade’s buzzer beater
  10. Jimmy Butler’s block

NBA Top 10 Plays of the Week February

The NBA is full of crazy dunks. Whether it’s the guy doing the dunk rolling the ball off his hand, or the guy that misses the dunk then falls on his head, these are the best dunks that happened in February.

We know there are a lot of great plays out there. But we selected the best plays of the week in February, and we know you’ll like them.

  1. LeBron James’s Behind the Back Pass to Ray Allen
  2. Stephen Curry’s 3 Point Shot to Beat the 3-Point Record
  3. Kobe Bryant’s 45 Points in a Single Game
  4. Jeremy Lin’s Steals and Assists
  5. Deron Williams’ Step Back Three Point Shot
  6. LeBron James’s Double Dribble and Alley-Oop Move
  7. Danilo Gallinari’s Windmill Dunk
  8. James Harden’s Step Back Three Point Shot
  9. Chris Paul’s Behind the Back Pass and Layup
  10. Blake Griffin’s Reverse Layup

In summary, these NBA top 10 plays can ignite the crowd and change the game in an instant. What are your favorite plays? Let me know in the comments below.