Presentation software can be a confusing topic, so to help you we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Free Presentation Software available on the internet.

If you’ve ever been stuck needing to present in front of a class, a board, or a group of people, you have probably spent hours searching for the perfect presentation software. There are a variety of options to choose from. And finding the right one for you means wading through a minefield of confusing and conflicting reviews.

It’s also almost impossible to find out what the future holds for this software since no one has a crystal ball and can predict what the future will hold, and what features will make some programs more popular than others.

Top 10 Best Free Presentation Software

What is the Best Presentation Tool for Me? There is no such thing as the best presentation software for everyone. It depends on the user’s requirements and the device they wish to use. The best presentation software is the one you are most comfortable using. You can choose between several tools to create a presentation. Check the list of the top 10 best presentation software:

1. Google Slides

google slides


Google Slides is a free, web-based application that lets you create, edit, and share presentations online. It is available as part of a web browser. It is not available as a standalone desktop application. It requires a document, presentation, spreadsheet, or form.

It is easy to create and present all types of presentations using Google Slides. Presentations can be just text and images, but they can also easily include video and animations. Slides can be saved in .pptx format, which is a simple format that can be converted to many other formats. Slides also have a unique feature that allows you to collaborate on a presentation with other people.

Slides is similar to PowerPoint in some respects, but there are also a number of key differences. For example, Google Slides does not support conditional formatting.

Google Slides are available through the Google Drive, which also hosts applications like Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms.

The free web-based Google Docs suite was developed by Google LLC on March 9, 2006. It was written using JavaScript. Google Slides support almost all operating system, like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, BlackBerry, Chrome OS.

Does Google have something like PowerPoint?

Yes, they have. You can use the Google Slides application to make presentations and share them with others. It is a free web-based program that you can use to create presentations that are shown online. It’s a convenient way to share and edit your slides with others. This could be used as a replacement for PowerPoint.

Is Google Slides better than PowerPoint?

Yes, Google Slides is better than PowerPoint because there is no need to spend money on PowerPoint.

Is Google slide free?

Yes, Google Slides is a free presentation program that is available in Google Drive, and you can use it to create your presentations on the web or on your mobile devices.

Is Google Docs same as PowerPoint?

Google Docs and PowerPoint are not the same. Google Docs is cloud-based which allows you to access, create and edit documents from any computer with internet access. PowerPoint is a desktop software that allows you to create and edit different types of presentations.

What are the disadvantages of Google Slides?

Drawbacks include the lack of formatting options and support for multimedia. Slides are saved on Google Drive, which means you could lose them if your account is ever deleted.

2. LibreOffice

LibreOffice Impress


‘LibreOffice’ is an open-source office suite which is developed by The Document Foundation (TDF) and is available for free. The suite provides most features that can be found in the more expensive commercial alternatives like Microsoft Office and Apple’s iWork suite. LibreOffice suite has its own database, spreadsheet editor, and presentation software support.

It is a piece of Windows software designed for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and other office tasks. LibreOffice is free and easy to use. It doesn’t vanish the features of Microsoft Office, but it does offer a number of advantages.

The name of the original author of LibreOffice is Star Division, first released on 25 January 2011. LibreOffice presentation software is available for all major operating systems, like Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This software is written using C++, XML, and Java.

3. Canva

Canva Presentation


Although many different software programs are available to help you create your own digital presentations, Canva is one of the best. It’s a free, online tool that can help you design your own slides, and it’s so easy to use.

It could almost be considered a parody of PowerPoint. But there’s nothing funny about Canvas. Using Canva is a great way to create professional-looking presentations, posters, flyers, banners, social media, and more, all in just a few clicks.

They have a wide range of templates and designs that can be used for any type of content, and the templates are easy to customize to your liking. The templates are also available as the mobile app, which means they can be used on the go.

The web-based software is founded by Melanie Perkins, Clifford Obrecht, and Cameron Adams in 2012. Canva’s headquarter is in Sydney, Australia.

Canva is free to use for all, but they have some packages that are not free to use. You have to pay money for that, like Canva Pro, Canva for Enterprise.

4. PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint Online


PowerPoint Online is a free, online presentation software you use from the web. Chrome extension is available for PowerPoint Online. You need a account and login required to use for free. It’s a web-based alternative to Microsoft’s PowerPoint software, which is frequently used for making presentations. PowerPoint Online allows you to create and edit presentations, which you can then share with others.

You can also collaborate with others on the same presentation so that each person can make changes to the presentation as needed. You can also use PowerPoint Online for presenting to others via the Internet, which helps to save on travel costs and time.

PowerPoint files are great for showing off your work to everyone, but the problem is that you can only show it to the people who are there in person. And chances are, you are far from home when you want to show off your PowerPoint.

So, what is there? Well, you can always invite your friends, family, or colleagues and screen them a copy of your presentation. But, if you have been living without PowerPoint, then you know that it can be a real drag trying to get all your slides into a video you can send over the Internet. The good news is that PowerPoint Online is out, and it is a really cool solution to the problem.

5. Keynote

Keynote Presentation


Keynote is Apple’s presentation application, which became available to the public on 7 January 2003 for Mac OS. And on 27 January 2010, on the App Store for the iPad and iPhone. Keynote presentation software has been a great tool for creating, editing, and presenting presentations ever since. Keynote can be used for most presentations; it is especially useful for the latest Mac OS X and iOS devices.

You can use the Keynote presentation app for free if you buy the latest Mac or iOS device. Keynote is now a part of Apple’s iWork office suite. It allows you to create and edit slideshows, presentations, etc. The app offers a number of different features, including the ability to create custom backgrounds and shapes. The app can also import photos and videos from your Camera Roll, as well as images you’ve stored on a network drive.

Is there a PC version of Keynote?

There is no PC version of Keynote. Both the Mac and iOS versions have all the same features. But through the iCloud website, you can use it on the PC. Apple’s iWork office suite is for the iCloud app that is an alternative to Google Docs for Apple users.

Is keynote similar to PowerPoint?

Both Keynote and PowerPoint are presentation software and part of the Office suite. Keynote is a part of the Apple iWork Office suite for Mac, iOS users and PowerPoint is a part of the Microsoft Office suite for Windows OS users. This two-presentation software is similar to create slides.

Is keynote for PC free?

Keynote for PC is not free, but it is available to use free on PC if you have an Apple device and Apple iWork account. Then you can use Keynote on PC free through the iCloud app.

Is keynote free for Mac?

Yes, Apple offers a free keynote for Mac and iOS devices to create presentations.

Can I convert Keynote to PowerPoint?

Keynote is a presentation software developed by Apple. PowerPoint is a presentation software developed by Microsoft. The Microsoft PowerPoint file format is ‘.pptx’.

You can convert your Keynote presentations as PowerPoint presentations by following some simple steps.

  1. Open the presentation file in Keynote on the Mac.
  2. Choose File > Export To
  3. There are different formats to export. Select the format that you want to convert.
  4. Click Next and type a file name.
  5. Click Export

What is similar to Keynote?

Microsoft PowerPoint, LibreOffice, OpenOffice Impress, Google Docs, and Prezi are similar to Keynote.

How do I send a keynote presentation?

You can send your Keynote presentation by saving your presentation as a PDF file or PowerPoint file and sending it by email to the recipients.

You can send your Keynote presentation by saving your presentation as an attached Keynote file or PowerPoint file and sending it by email to the recipients.

Alternatively, you can send by following these steps below:

  1. Open the presentation, choose Share > Send a Copy > Select a sending option.
  2. Select a format for the presentation and define the settings that you need.
  3. Click Next, give the recipient’s email address.
  4. Send the email.

6. Zoho Show

Zoho Show


Zoho is a cloud-based presentation software for desktop and web that allows users to create, edit and share presentations online. The Zoho Show is a feature that helps users to create presentations from their Zoho Dashboard. The presentation can be delivered as a PPT, PPTX, PDF file, or as a Zoho Show. This is a great tool to use when you need to host a presentation for a client.

The free online presentation software Zoho Show is part of Zoho Office Suite. It allows you to create, open, view, and edit PowerPoint files online without installing separate software.

In 2005, Zoho online office suite was founded by Zoho Corporation. It is available for any device, like Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Chromebook, Smartphone, Android TV, and extension for Chrome web browser.

7. WPS Office Free

WPS Office Presentation


WPS Office Free is more than just software; it’s a complete solution that will help you start saving money and increase productivity. Think of it as an office suite tailored to your needs, and you’ll have your own set of tools at your fingertips, all of which can be integrated into a single, easy-to-use environment.

The cross-platform Office Suite is a collection of five programs that allows you to view and create documents in a Microsoft Office-like environment. The suite consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher. The WPS Office is a free version of the Office suite that is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux-based PCs, Android, and iOS.

Founded in 1989, WPS Office is one of the world’s most popular and the best Microsoft Office alternative.

8. Prezi Basic

Prezi Presentation


Prezi is exciting for a lot of people. What is it? How does it work? Is it free? What can you do with it? These are all good questions. So, we’ve decided to answer some of them in this section.

Prezi is a truly innovative presentation software that makes it easy for people to create presentations from scratch, without having to write any code. The great thing about Prezi is that it’s not just for presenting, but also for creating screen-casts, managing presentations on the fly, and much more.

On 5 April 2009, Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy, and Peter Arvai have released Prezi Presentation Software together in Hungary.

How does Prezi work?

Prezi is cloud-based presentation software that helps you make visually engaging presentations without using a lot of text. It allows you to work with a flexible canvas that allows you to arrange content in any order.

Is there a free version of Prezi?

Prezi basic is a presentation software plan that lets you create and share up to 5 presentations. The basic version is free of charge.

9. FlowVella



FlowVella is one of the best free animated presentation software that is easy to use and can be used in many different ways. The FlowVella is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and cloud-based SaaS systems for the web. It allows you to build your own slides from various audio and video files. It is established in April 2013.

Using the FlowVella software, you can edit and then build your slides in a very easy way. You can also present your slides on to videos, which is very useful for big meetings. Only the limited “Free” plan you can use free of charge.

10. Xtensio


Xtensio is a new and interesting project that aims to make your workstation more productive. Instead of using the conventional GUI, Xtensio lowers the bar and makes you focus on the actual work you need to do.

In 2015, Alper Cakir and Asli Sonceley both together founded Xtensio. The Xtensio Presentation Software will help you to present your idea in front of the audience and show the results of your presentation.

Best Free Presentation Software

There is also 5 more presentation software in the world that you should use.

1. OpenOffice Impress


OpenOffice Impress is a free alternative to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. It has received a pretty good reputation for being easy to use. There’s no question that many people find it easier than Microsoft’s product, but will it be better than the highly respected, and paid-for, Office suite?

As you all know, Apache OpenOffice has been a part of since OpenOffice was first released. OpenOffice is an open-source office suite for the Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows platform, which was first released on 8 May 2012 by Apache Software Foundation. This software was written using C++ and Java.

Since then, it has been updated many times, with new features added regularly. The latest version is named Apache OpenOffice, which was released in May this year (on 4 May 2021). The current stable release is OpenOffice 4.1.10, but there are branches that have been made with features and fixes that have not yet been integrated into the main branch.

2. Beautiful (Limited free plan)


3. Genially (Limited free plan)


4. Visme (Limited free plan)


5. Slidebean (Limited free plan, upgrade to export)


Frequently Asked Questions about Free Presentation Software

What is the best free presentation software?

One of the best free presentation software is Google Docs. There are also several free presentation software, like LibreOffice, Keynote.

What is the best software to make presentations?

There are many presentations software available to make presentations. Canva, LibreOffice, and Keynote are the best software that a person can use to make a presentation.

What is the best free alternative to PowerPoint?

There are several free alternatives to PowerPoint, including Google Docs, Open Office, and LibreOffice. In order to create a professional presentation, you can use the Google presentation software. The software is entirely free and allows you to create and edit presentations by using a web browser.

Is there a free PowerPoint program?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program sold by Microsoft. However, there are alternatives available that are compatible with most versions of windows and available at no cost. Free PowerPoint programs for a computer include free open-source LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice. These are compatible with most Microsoft Office formats.

Is there anything better than PowerPoint?

There is a more visual and interactive alternative to PowerPoint that is often considered the best presentation software for businesses. There are many presentation tools available. Among the most popular are Google Slides, Prezi, Keynote, Open Office Impress

How can I make a presentation for free?

You can make a basic presentation using Google Slides which is available on any device (phone or computer) with a browser and a working internet connection.

This was a list of the best free presentation software that will suit your needs. If you find it helpful, comment below.